Kicking It In at the Strawberry Shortcake 10k

This morning my racing travels took me to Plympton, MA for the 24th Annual Strawberry Shortcake Road Race. This is a 10k course through Plympton where you run past cranberry bogs, horse farms, older farmhouses and through residential neighborhoods. The race is a pretty challenging course with a couple of good hills mixed in between miles 3 and 5 coupled with another pretty decent uphill right past the mile 5 marker. The weather today was a bit humid and the mosquitoes were certainly out in full force but since we haven’t seen the sun around here in what seems to be weeks, the race weather was perfect.

The course is quite well done in terms of organization and youth clubs (Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, etc.) man the water stations along the course. There is not much in terms of any fan support out on the course but coming back into the finish some cheering crowds greeted runners.

After the race, the name of the race is abundantly clear since strawberry shortcake is the food of choice. The shortcake is done right with biscuits and not the sponge discs, added bonus!

I felt really good out on the course and the hills did not slow me down too much. I had a pretty good burst of energy left in the tank at the mile 5 marker, so I )wanted to kick it in for the last 1.2 miles. (Actually, another runner with a GPS watch said the race was really 6.32 miles but who’s counting?) I had just enough left to keep up a pretty steady pace coming into the finish and had a really strong 10k finish.

Finished the 24th Annual Strawberry Shortcake Road Race in 49:13 or 7:55/mile.

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