Protect Yourself with Zealios

I’m only 39 years old and I have already had two spots removed from my otherwise flawless mug and taking care of my skin and fending off the sun is something that I have had to focus more on. Trying to find sunscreen products that are both functional and don’t run down my face while running is a delicate balancing act and finding a product that keeps me protected year round is important.

At Zealios, they get it. You train too hard to worry about getting burned by cheap sunscreen or smelling like the pool all day. Their mission is to give athletes confidence and peace of mind to perform at your best without worrying about your skin and hair products. Zealios products are designed and tested by top endurance athletes to stand the test of the hottest days, sweatiest adventures and toughest elements.

In addition to their sunscreen offerings, Zealios has a nice product line including:

  • Sun Barrier SPF 45: Our zinc-based and water resistant sunscreen (dries completely clear & won’t sting your eyes!)
  • Betwixt: All natural anti-chafing lubricant great as chamois cream too (it won’t stain your clothing!)
  • Swim & Sport: Sulfate-free shower products (Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash) formulated to gently remove hard minerals like chlorine & salt

To check out the Zealios line up of product offerings, please click here.

How Tough Are Your Socks?

Do you want socks that are tough enough? Heck no! You want socks that are Darn Tough. And who better to provide you with the comfort and toughness you need than Darn Tough Vermont?

Darn Tough Vermont is based in Northfield, Vermont and their backyard is the perfect testing ground to make the finest Premium All Weather Performance Socks. Darn Tough Vermont offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee that is simple and consumer friendly: If their socks are not the most comfortable, durable and best fitting socks you have ever owned, return them for another pair. No strings. No conditions. Socks guaranteed for life.

I was first introduced to Darn Tough Vermont socks at a trail race in Stowe, Vermont where all runners received a free pair of the socks. These socks are my go-to options when running trails or for when we go on family hikes. The socks are comfortable and provide the perfect balance of comfort and durability. The Darn Tough Vermont brand is perfect for runners, hikers, snowboarders, skiers and more. Couple the highly functioning socks with their lifetime guarantee you really have nothing to lose to give these socks a try.

To check out the full brand offering from Darn Tough Vermont, please click here to shop their website.

Virtual Holyoke St. Patrick’s Road Race

The Holyoke St. Patrick’s Road Race has been cancelled due to concerns surrounding COVID-19 but this iconic 10K race is going virtual this year.

Race organizers understand that this isn’t a replacement for the real thing but running with 7000 others right now is not possible, but we will try to make it just as fun! This will be the 2nd Virtual Holyoke St Patrick’s Road Race and you can create your own 10K route (or use ours!) and compete against other runners. The race will provide a familiar looking t-shirt, printable custom bib number and some giveaways!

The race directors are also “buying a beer” for each virtual runner at one of the favorite pubs around the finish line to help support them.

If you don’t have a Holyoke St. Patrick’s Road Race in your pile of race shirts, you need to have one. One of the best race shirts around!

To register for the virtual race, please click here and you will receive $5 off registration that will come off at checkout. Who’s in? Let’s help support this great race, some awesome Western Massachusetts charities and a few local pubs at the finish line.

Oh, and let’s also log 6.2 miles and have some fun!

Cross Training with Peloton

Happy New Year!

Finished up my 200th Peloton Ride this morning tackling the 30 Minute Calvin Harris ride hosted by trainer Ben Alldis. And not only was it my milestone 200th ride but it was also my new 30 minute PR on the Peloton! Not a bad way to start off the year.

I am an outdoor runner through and through. I can’t do a treadmill as the monotony is tough to tackle and I need to feel the fresh air while pounding the pavement. We have an elliptical that I use from time to time but do so while reading a book to pass the time. We decided to get a Peloton pre-pandemic and it has honestly been a game changer.

With a full library of cycling classes and live rides, I have found the Peloton to be a great way to cross-train and mix things up. The instructors are all great and the classes vary in terms of intensity, style, time and music. The playlists alone are an awesome benefit of the Peloton and the sweating that takes place on the bike truly is remarkable.

In addition to the rides, we love the meditation sessions that are available and are religious users of the meditations when falling asleep; perfect way to close out the day. There are also walking classes, running courses, stretching and workout classes that all comes as part of the bike package and monthly subscription fee. The monthly fee is comparable or better in terms of price than a gym and you can do it from the comfort and safety of your own home.

The Peloton has proven to be a nice cross-training option to supplement my running and I highly recommend it. If you are interested in a Peloton, please visit their website by clicking here. If you use my referral code of ED2KA4 you will save $100 on your Peloton purchase!

2020 Winter Solstice Distance Challenge

Looking for a fun challenge this winter? Join me for the 2020 Winter Solstice Distance Challenge!

This virtual running challenge will take place for the 89 days of winter between December 21st and March 20th and there are distance challenges of 189, 289, 389 or 489 miles to be run during that time period.

Race swag will be mailed to participants making this a fully virtual series that can be run anywhere. This is a great way to keep fit during the winter months and I’ll be running the 289 mile challenge requiring just over a 5K to be run each day of the challenge.

To join me in the 2020 Winter Solstice Challenge, please click here to register.