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Irish Cultural Centre 5K

On Sunday morning it was off to Canton, Massachusetts for the Irish Cultural Centre of New England’s 5K road race. This race was the September Grand Prix race for our running club, Thirsty Irish Runners, and it was great to be back at the starting line of a live race with a good amount of familiar faces. Getting to actual races becomes ever more a challenge with soccer back in full swing for our daughters but thankfully an 8AM early morning game nearby allowed us to get to Canton in plenty of time for the 11:30 race starting time.

The race starts and finishes on the grounds of the Irish Cultural Centre, a remarkable place complete with a pub, fields for hurling, soccer and other Irish sports and even an authentic Irish looking cottage on site. The Irish Cultural Centre does an excellent job curating cultural events ranging from sports to music to Irish language and history courses and more. Definitely worth checking out!

The course is relatively flat though there are a couple sneaky, gradual uphill climbs mixed in. Nothing fancy in terms of the course once you get off the grounds of the Irish Cultural Centre as the race takes you through a nearby industrial park for most of the race. A couple water stops came in handy out on the course and there was a good breeze which helped along the way.

I felt pretty good in the first two miles but then in the last mile sort of had nothing left in the tank and my legs were heavy. I dialed back the speed a bit to pace myself a bit more in hopes that my legs would loosen up some but no such luck for the most part. Nonetheless, I still finished with a decent time of 24:58, good for 8:04/miles on the 5K route. Not my best time of late but they can’t all be great!

Upon finishing across the bridge leading runners back into the Irish Cultural Centre grounds, a fresh pint of Guinness certainly was a nice finishing prize for a tough race!

Walpole Labor Day 5K

Labor Day was on Monday and who doesn’t love a good day off from work road race?

Mrs. Running Griffin and I made our way to Walpole, Massachusetts for the Walpole Labor Day 5K. This race raises funds for the Walpole Cross-Country and Track teams and this year was the 48th running of the race that offers both a 5K and 10K option along with a kid’s one miler to kick off the morning.

A nice crowd gathered at the starting line and it was good to see some familiar faces out on the race course. The morning started off with a bit of cloud cover but right as the 5K kicked off the sun broke through which heated up the course just a bit. Fortunately, race organizers did a great job on supplying the course with water stops that came in handy at just the right times.

The course was a really nice 5K course but it was no joke when it came to being a challenging course. Some good hills mixed in along the way and the uphill finish was not for the faint of heart but for someone who loves a challenge it was awesome! This is a great 5K course and a race that I would certainly look to tackle again in the future.

I finished the Walpole Labor Day 5K with a time of 24:36, good for 7:53/miles.

Race Recap: Virtual Run for Jess 5K

Kicked off the morning tackling a 5K course in Bridgewater for the 2021 virtual edition of the Run for Jess 5K. The Run for Jess is an annual Labor Day favorite held in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts but due to COVID has moved to be a virtual run last year and again this year.

With a trip a road trip to a soccer game for our youngest daughter scheduled for the morning, my normal early wake up time allowed me to tackle the 5K course before the sun was even fully up. It was a great morning for running with ideal temps sitting right around 60 degrees when I kicked off and headed out onto the course. For the whole race I felt like I had a consistent and steady pace going and was pleased as I cruised into the finish line with a time of 24:11, good for 7:48/miles.

The run for Jess is held in remembrance of Jessica Thurston, who passed away from breast cancer at the age of 29. Jessica fought her battle for 2 years but ultimately succumbed to the disease on 8/30/2013. Jessica was an an avid runner and lover of life.

To honor her memory the Jessica C. Thurston Memorial Fund was established by her family and friends. The Jessica C. Thurston Memorial Fund is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization. In response to the Fund’s most recent annual gift the family of Jess was thrilled to hear from Jessica’s Oncologist at Mass General Hospital.  She has expressed her appreciation for the gifts to the MGH Breast Cancer Center. The donations are directly supporting clinical trials for patients with metastatic breast cancer.  In Dr. Kuter’s words…“I will never forget Jessica and what she went through, and remembering her suffering spurs us on to keep searching for new solutions.”

Move Over MSA Kurt Williams Memorial Run

Please join me on October 16th for the Move Over MSA Kurt Williams Memorial Run. This virtual run can be run wherever you call home! I’ll be running in Bridgewater, Massachusetts so if you want to join me for a 5K course let me know!

As many of you know, my father is battling Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) so this virtual run is something very near and dear to me. The Move Over MSA 5K was started by a family whose family was also affected by an MSA diagnosis and I am happy to join this race and support their efforts to raise funds which will be donated directly to The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition.

To register for the Move Over MSA 5K virtual race, please click here. Please be sure to also give a “Like” to Move Over MSA on Facebook by clicking here.